Answer:- Physiotherapy is an essential service.


Physiotherapy is considered as one of the “hands-on” profession and physiotherapists use manual therapy quite regularly. Nonetheless, this does not mean, it is the only thing physiotherapists do. In several cases, this may account to a small percentage of what is done, additional to the assessment, the exercise therapy and the advice which makes up to a larger percentage of what constitutes for the patient’s results. And all of those can be done effectively through online consultations where in-person sessions aren't feasible.

During COVID-19 pandemic times, most physiotherapy clinics are ensuring all safety measures are followed by the centres as well as the therapists while treating their patients.

Few safety measures that are being followed are:

  • ● While booking an appointment on-call triage such as rescheduling non-urgent care, considering digital service delivery consider closure etc.
  • ● When a patient visits the clinic, centres and therapists lookout for symptoms if any such as temperature levels, cough, cold, sore throat, difficulties with a sense of taste and smell etc.
  • ● Ensuring the appointments are spaced out, avoiding overcrowding and waiting time.
  • ● Beds and equipment are sanitized before and after the treatment - with the hypochlorite solutions / alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • ● The therapist will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks, treatment gowns, nitrile gloves, headgear and face shield. They will also ensure that a patient wears their masks at all times during the treatment ensuring yours and your therapist's safety.
  • ● Your therapists are thoroughly trained in donning and doffing of PPE which ensures prevention of any cross-transmission.
  • ● To ensure your safety, whenever possible, your therapist will maintain a safe distance while treating you.
  • ● The treating therapist and non-clinical staff will undergo everyday surveillance to ensure that they do not have any active symptoms or come in contact with any person who has tested positive.

Look out if all these safety measures have been employed before visiting any centres. If your therapists are following all these safety measures, then it is safe for you to visit the centre. If in slightest of doubt, one can always opt for a virtual consult or home care services.

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