Movement is fundamental to us and plays a very important role in how we manage our health. The way we move impacts the way our body functions and has a tremendous impact on our body, mind, spirit, and emotion.

Our Philosophy

Some call us allied health practitioners, some call us doctors and some call us therapists. We call ourselves “Health Enablers”. Our process to deliver good health comes from a multi dimensional approach which rests as the pillars of our practice.


The 'Health Enablers'

Positive transformation

Our approach to cure is to actually witness improved function, enhanced quality of life, and improved social participation, as the outcomes of delivering our care.

Continuous learning

Our team is focussed on continually updating ourselves with knowledge and skill by collaborating with experts in the field of health, medicine and rehabilitation science. Our eager to learn approach helps us deliver gold standards in practice.

Value Based Health

We have looked at delivering health through a value driven approach which involves us as practitioners to look at every client with empathy, love and compassion. In today's global market where the volume of care is the driver we have chosen to offer only the most individualized tailored care which each and every individual deserves.

Evidence Based Practice

Using only the most and effective modes of treatment is critical in achieving positive outcomes. Our Therapists come from an advanced academic background with expansive clinical practice and it is their commitment and compassionate attitude that helps deliver care that is truly uplifting and powerful.

A collaborative approach

We understand that one’s health is most precious to them and we also recognise the multi diversity of the work that caring for people involves. Through our mode of reflective practice we communicate systematically with other healthcare domain specialists in order to provide a solution that is effective and solution driven.

our team

Our Strength


Manas Mehrotra

Chief Mentor

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Finance Director

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Administrative Team

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Telecommunications Head

Keane Amaral

Legal Counsel

Narasimha Murthy

Senior Accounts Officer

Non-Clinical Team


Ashwini H.J


Shonalli Ponnappa M

Special Educator

Amruta Deshpande


Bhavana Menon


Komal Patel

Occupational Therapist

Puja Singh


Rajalakshmi Vasanthan


Raniya Sulthana


Roma Pujari


Shahul Hashir


Sheyona Valsan

Speech therapist

Shruti Digde


Sruthi G.S


Advisors & Mentors

Shiva Subramaniam

Advisor & Mentor

Varun Shetty


Atul Saraf



What Our Customers Say

Over the years I started getting some pain in my knees, and so I went to the orthopaedic surgeon. He told me that I had to undergo a joint replacement surgery as my knees were worn out. I was so concerned whether I would be able to walk pain free again after my surgery. My doctor told me physiotherapy will help and we should try that option. My son found pro physio while surfing the internet and the therapists came home. On their ortho rehabilitation program the therapist came every day and took care of my needs. Gently improving the way my knee bends, making me perform activities like walking and balancing. In a few months I was back on my feet. Today I'm off for my badminton match with my son at the club. Thanks to Pro Physio.

Srinivas Rao
64 Years

My back had started to hurt since one month. The pain would move down from the back to almost my foot, it was unbearable. Then my neighbour told me about Pro Physio. Told me that physiotherapists come home to deliver care. My son is a neurosurgeon in the USA so he also recommended I get an opinion from a physiotherapist. So I called Pro Physio. A Pro Physio therapist came home and did a detailed analysis of my posture and my lifestyle and put me on a 10 days program. In no time, in just a few days my back pain started to disappear slowly and I also felt that I started to walk upright from a stooped posture I had started to adapt. Now I’m pain free and also started to do aerobics with my daughter's friends. Thanks to Pro Physio

Mrs Lakshmi Reddy
56 Years

I'm an active athlete, a marathon runner. I have run about 100 races in my career and I love this sport. In early 2019 I had an ankle injury and then a fracture for which I had to get surgery done. While recovering, I started to worry will I be able to run life before? Anyway. So my friend recommended Pro Physio and I called them. For me they recommended a sports therapist specially trained in sports injury management and sent one over to train me back. In 3 months this physio did such a wonderful job with me, she just didn’t focus on my surgery. They focussed on the overall mechanics of the body and tuned it so well! I feel I now have a spring in my step that I probably didn’t have before! Running ironman in 2019. Thanks Pro Physio

Preeti Sharma
37 Years

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